Gyu-Kaku had a great offline following. They had line out of their door during dinner time. They wanted to grow an audience online so that the could promote their lunch options.

Our team did a full audit of possible audiences to grow. It turned out that Gyu-Kaku had a 100k strong email list that they weren’t using. Furthermore, they had duplicated social media pages that were being unused. Our team merged the duplicate social media pages per restaurant location. Then we sent out emails to promote each social media location page.

Lastly, to continue audience growth, we posted content for Gyu-Kaku. They had many likes, comments and shares on their content, resulting in their customers engagement being seen by friends of customers. This grew page growth very rapidly.

Since then, Gyu-Kaku has grown their email list from 100k to 2M+ subscribers. They have grown locations from 18 to 50+.

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